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An Altitude of Attitude

by Yona Vaughan about a year ago in social commentary
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From Don’t Feed that Pigeon!

An Altitude of Attitude


It's a stuck up prance in yoga pants as she advances 

on her way. Too beautiful to say, "Hello" today and

the same goes for the grey skirt and blue jean babe

who wouldn't flirt with a guy unless he can buy her 

a house. 


There's more to beauty than what fills a blouse, and

more to desire than booty and hips admired. People 

will tire of that pretty shell if her character gives 

off a bad smell. 


And, they're selling stink attitudes for sale, to males,

willing to put up with the broom stick up their butts. 

They lift those egos up on high polluted cloud nines, 

because they're too fine to be down to earth. 


Won't even return a curt smile to the witch, who, right

now is more rich in beauty than ugly cuties switching

their booties to pitch the sexual itch. That switch can

be powerful on corrupted flowers full of themselves. 


Better shelve the stuck up disposition if you want to

validate a real condition of beauty. Confidence is

more than a booty full of stares while sticking your

nose in the air.

Excerpt From

Don't Feed that Pigeon!

By Yona Vaughan

social commentary

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Yona Vaughan

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