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i claim this energy

i hear my intuition.

By Jason Alan Published 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago 2 min read
i claim this energy
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one's voice is not a toy.

i am deliberately vocal, discerning.

being sure to dream in color-

positively search for my soul.

before completion to complete.

climbing out of the pit,

i am not defeated.

i can make my own clean the slate.

awakening is not always pretty.

i won't stop myself.

the champion of my own life,

i am ready to move forward;

strategic like the wolf.

i accept the lessons that i've learned.

ready for any competition.

my luck has not run out.

i am free now.

never before had.

protected by angels and ancestors,

i will be taken care of in difficult times.

when waters run rapid,

you got a friend in me.

solitude is a gift, not a punishment.

people are not my demons.

there will be a purposeful full moon.

it's time to cleanse and recharge.

cut out the noise my mind makes.

negative stories are not my narrative.

i am prepared for what's new and next.

don't spend it all, plan to save.

i am challenging myself.

choose my thoughts wisely-

doubt is my biggest downfall.

i will share my peace.

don't stop leaving the darkness.

i have more power than i think.

a rare sanctuary;

blame is useless if you're a scapegoat-

the helpless victim cannot see a way out.

same sex, opposite energy.

advice from a friend is coming.

i shall no longer ramble aimlessly.

indecisiveness can stay in the past.

i am manifesting bigger plans;

mind, business, love and reconciliation.

i have always had a choice.

solid foundations come with effort.

there is no curse to be lifted.

doors of opportunity are open.

i accept happiness and success

i listen for the spirit now.

intuition lets me know

this is the end of knives in my back,

the time of new beginnings.

my thoughts become the truth of us.

cut off my loose ends.

pay attention to my dreams,

with deep personal strength and healing,

i resonate with my calling.

moving forward without looking back,

a wounded warrior can be victorious.

the time has come to harvest-

this is a new journey.

i claim this energy.

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About the Creator

Jason Alan

i define my life as a literal self-Search&Rescue Operation.

i reify the PatronSaint of Nihilism&Blasphemy.

i dance my own Tao despite who sees me do it.

i am explicit, 100%, 50% implicit, and <23% chance of success.

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