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I am a person.

Not a list of accomplishments.

By Christiane WinterPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 1 min read
I am a person.
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I am a person, not a list of accomplishments.

I am a delighted coo at every animal I see.

I am a long, silent laugh that ruptures into uncontrollable tears.

I am a dreamy stargazer, a burning passion and a quiet dignity, a fountain spewing knowledge arcane and strange.

I am as strong and guarded as I am soft and vulnerable, choosing to trust and love, when I do, with every fiber at my disposal; a keen, listening ear when among the deaf, and a silent chamber where the ideas of those I love echo and hum as a beautiful cacophony in my heart.

I am a 3am road trip to places unknown, spontaneity and delight embodied.

I am fiercely wild, and even more fiercely loyal.

I am not, and will never be an organized box of trophies and accolades.

I am not a career, a salary, or any number of things measured by earthly value.

The things I do to survive do not define who I am, or my value as a human being.

I do not dream of 5 year plans or any such limited goals, but of eternities of overflowing joy, of dancing beneath a warm summer sky with the breeze at my back, ancient music enchanting my senses, and a fire within that goes beyond the ages of man.

I am freedom, I am love, I am forgiveness.

In my dream, I will share this with you always, and we will be wealthy in love and spirit, two souls untamed and bound together by true understanding.

You are a person, not a list of accomplishments.

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Christiane Winter

Science fiction, horror, and dark comedy enthusiast. I have been a GM for D&D for 10 years, playing for nearly 20. Like all aspiring authors, I have hundreds of stories, and almost none have been finished.

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  • Jen McDougal2 years ago

    Love this, absolutely beautiful

  • Tommy Ballard2 years ago

    Beautiful work as always Christiane

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