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Poets in Motion

I Am

by Eris 9 months ago in surreal poetry


I Am

The stars, the darkness, the planets, my hands outstretched.

I breathe in deep, all beauty and love, and breathe out the wretched.

Love fills my heart and air and with a happy vibration.

I project my intention without hesitation.

I attract what I am and I am what I desire.

I am one with the wind, the soil, the water, the fire.

Do you feel the goosebumps, the chills, is your chest tight?

Of course it is, I am all knowing, I know it, I’m right.

I am you, you, me, the animals and flora.

You and I, all of us, universal explorers.

I reach out and touch your shoulders, my form slowly fading into the cosmos.

“Come with me, reunite with me, let’s be one with the others.”

“I am the one, the only, so are you, myself and I. Forever and ever we fuse and expand.”

As our eyes grow closer, our souls dancing and merging, we, I whisper, “I Am.”

surreal poetry
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