I Am

by Skylar Rella about a year ago in social commentary

Genderqueer Poem

I Am

I am non-binary and I exist.

I am real,

I am relevant,

I am important.

I am non-binary and I matter.

You can't excuse my feelings of anger,

My feelings of hurt,

Just because you're scared to acknowledge

That not everyone is the same as you.

I am non-binary and I’m fed up

With having my very existence

Be questioned and ignored.

You have no right to exclude me from your gendered conversations,

Rolling your eyes at me

When I remind you over and over of who you’re forgetting to mention.

I am non-binary and I’m powerful.

You can refuse to acknowledge my existence,

Tell me I’m out of line

When I get mad at you for you ciscentric dialogues;

You can be entitled in your cis-ness,

And be ignorant in my queerness,

But I’ll continue fighting for my identity and my right to live and be respected.

I am non-binary and I’m loud,

Because if I don’t stand up for myself

And for other genderqueer individuals,

Who will?

You cis people plug your ears and hum along to your

Cis-focused, heteronormative tunes on the radio

To block out the sound of queer and trans voices announcing their pride.

You leave us no choice but to shout even louder.

I am non-binary and I do so much more than just exist.

I will not be quiet.

I am non-binary and I can change the world

Without help from any entitled cis people.

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