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Hymns Of Him

Your Moon

By Ropafadzo Thokozani ZinyukePublished 2 years ago 1 min read

I want to be your moon,

If you let me.

Even if you don’t let me,

I’ll still be your moon,


I want to be your moon,

So I can be there when the sun shines,

On your happy successful days.

I know you probably won’t see me

Because the sun will outshine me,

But I’ll be present as your moon.

I want to be your moon,

So even on your darkest nights,

When the sun has left you,

I’ll be there.

Yes, I won’t be as bright as the sun,

But I’ll shine as bright as I can,

So you don’t give up,

So you fight for what you deserve.

I want to be your moon,

Because unlike the sun,

I’ll always shine and be there for you, no matter what.

So let me be your moon,

So you never feel alone.

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Ropafadzo Thokozani Zinyuke

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