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Human Kind-ness

An alien’s introduction to human kindness

By Joe PattersonPublished 7 months ago 1 min read
Human Kind-ness
Photo by Victor Serban on Unsplash

I met a visitor from another world. An extraterrestrial who didn’t know it’s brother world was another pearl.

He said his world was better and timeless. He thinks earth is cruel, so now I have to show him our kindness.

I started off with a hug, a gesture he didn’t understand. I said that’s how we communicate in our land.

We took a walk in the park where he saw joggers run as children from different backgrounds played together and had fun.

He said “wow I had no idea that humans had a sense of community where creatures revel in unity.”

I told him “yes that’s how we live down here. Peace and love can always be found around here.”

He was learning that our hearts is where the home is as he looked to his left and saw two people feeding the homeless.

He looked at the joy and looked at the smiles and realized that earth had a sense of kindness worth while.

He told me he was different than he was from the start. He appreciates humanity for changing his heart.

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Joe Patterson

Hi I'm Joe Patterson. I am a writer at heart who is a big geek for film, music, and literature, which have all inspired me to be a writer. I rap, write stories both short and long, and I'm also aspiring to be an author and a filmmaker.

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