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How to become a better thinker

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By OlaoluwaPublished about a month ago 1 min read
How to become a better thinker
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The brain is an incredibly mysterious and powerful organ that in our day-to-day lives often goes unnoticed. But have you taken a moment to try and understand how you use it and how you can actually improve your thinking skills? It might seem tricky due to it being a complex and context-dependent skill, but with a little patience you can implement some principles that can improve both your professional and personal life.

Slow down

Tap into your emotions

Take longer Showers

Don't think under pressure

Consider alternative points of view

Exercise regularly

Don't be too critical

Read and watch things that use moderately better thinking than yours


Chewing gum

Think about thinking

Be skeptical of your memories

Play mind games

Weigh first the possible consequences of a decision

Study your mistake

look ahead

Empty your mind

Hang out with good thinkers and ask for honest feedback

Get enough sleep

Focus your mind on what you're doing now

Challenge your preferences

Choose moderately challenging tasks

Listen carefully

Treat every problem as an opportunity to grow

Take a class

Be content with what you currently have

Control your mind from overthinking

Filter what you hear

Don't be stuck in the past

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