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How "Ikigai" affected my life.

A small poem on the book.

By DollyPublished about a year ago 1 min read
How "Ikigai" affected my life.
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Ikigai, the book that I found,

Guided me to my purpose, and helped me unbound

From the doubts that held me back,

And gave me the courage to attack

The challenges that came my way,

With a newfound strength, I could sway

Towards my passions, and what I love,

And find my place in the world above.

Ikigai, the book that changed my life,

Showed me how to find balance and strive

For a purpose that brings me joy,

And to never settle for a mere employ.

It taught me to follow my heart,

And to make a brand new start

With a sense of direction and a clear way,

Ikigai, the book that helps me today.

So let us all find our Ikigai,

Our purpose in life, our reason to stay

And live each day with passion and drive,

For that is how we truly thrive.

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