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The feeling of getting lost in a book

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By DollyPublished about a year ago 1 min read
The feeling of getting lost in a book
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I love getting lost in a book,

Where pages turn and my mind takes a look

Into worlds unknown, and stories untold,

With characters that make my heart grow bold.

With each chapter, a new adventure awaits,

My imagination takes flight, and my mind elates

As I journey through landscapes far and wide,

And experience emotions deep inside.

In the pages of a book, I find my escape,

From the chaos of life, and the world's shape

I lose myself in the words on the page,

And discover new perspectives, with each new age.

For getting lost in a book, is never a waste

It's a treasure trove of knowledge and grace

So let me lose myself in the pages,

And discover new horizons, new stages.

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just started living my life, and poems are my partner, make sure to like follow and help me grow.

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