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Hot and Bothered

An Unconventional Love Story

By Jennifer DavidPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Hot and Bothered
Photo by xandreaswork on Unsplash

A double take

I look back to follow the tantilizing smell that kissed my nose as I walk down the street

A punch to the gut

Hunger has never quite hit me like this before

I salvate and my eyes glaze over

I am mesmerized

And in a flash I see a world of soft beauty, and mystery

I imagine all the warm comfort you will bring

I bite my lower lip and smile

I can feel how you'll melt on my tongue

And oh how you'll make my toes tingle

My palms are sticky and sweaty just thinking about you

My chest tightens and I'm anxious

I didn't know how much I need you

I'm so overwhelmed, I see stars

And I know I have to go back!

The hot light's on.

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