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Beast's Beauty

The Beauty and the Beast

By Jennifer DavidPublished 2 years ago 2 min read
Beast's Beauty
Photo by Fabian Møller on Unsplash


Once upon a time life was grey

I knew not a Song

or a reason for laughter

My tale would not end with a happily ever after

I watched and waited

Locked away

Once upon a time my chains would say

You're forever alone

Bound to this endless hollow

No one to call your home

Up in a tower,

No concept of an hour

Once upon a time I would pray

For beauty

For time

For mine

But no rhyme

Could bring me mine

Once upon a time I wished for the day

When the sun

the moon

And angels would whisk me away


Danger, not so far behind

I race to reach the nearest shelter

I must flees these retched beasts

And hide to find my peace


Once upon a time I heard you say

No shelter

No safety

Yes, danger that way

A place to be

Slumber was your need

Once upon a time I let you prey

For energy

For speed

I'll give you all you need

Eat. Eat.

Once upon a time you chased away

My futile fears

My invisible scars

The lies that kept me so far

What way you must have been

To have seen my beauty within


A fortunate man I am

To come across such a crippled lamb

In need of the love I bleed

Take some, take all you need

This lovely creature of the night

Has seen never her eyes in the light

Hidden to the world below

I must teach her all that I know

For the only beast I see

Is the one who won't let her be

Who hid her in this retched tower

To hide her from all within an hour

Love struck

By nothing but luck

I will give her all, including me


Once upon a time I wrote a rhyme

When life was grey

And all I could say, and pray

Each day

Was that you would one day whisk me away


The fairest you see

You are mine indeed

Not a beast

But a beauty

Forever we will be


Once upon a time I fell in love

With you

And me

Forever we shall be

The angels truly watch over me

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