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Honey & Vinegar


By Paul CrockerPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

One day you are sweet to me, you can't do a thing wrong.

Everything you say sounds like birdsong.

Hooked on every word that passes your lips.

Like the honey from the comb that gently drips.

Another day you can be bitter to me, you can't do a thing right.

Everything you say sounds like you want a fight.

Ignoring my help and not a word being uttered.

Like the sour taste of the vinegar that makes you shudder.

Sometimes I don't know what I will get.

A day of thankfulness or a day of regret.

I'd let you go in a heartbeat but I know you are not all bad.

But should I stay with you at the risk of feeling sad?

I'm pretty sure honey and vinegar don't mix too well.

Whatever you do I wish you well.

Although the loss of honey has me broken-hearted.

The memory of vinegar makes me wish we never started.

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Paul Crocker

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