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a journey back to self

By justine taylorPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Михаил Секацкий on Unsplash


feels like the outward validation

i should have sought within.

if only i was taught to love myself

from the beginning ,

it is not the generational curse

of misunderstanding boundaries and self worth,

the answer has always been

exploring what lies beneath the surface ,

defining my own purpose ,

recognizing the cost of dependency,

and fine tuning my frequency.

when i’m lost or need grounding,


is the altar i keep

with the faces of those who are most sacred,

dancing naked in the mirror

swirling until the trauma and fear

fall from my hips

and nothing but love rises to my lips.

home is the space i make to catch my breath,

and encourage proper rest,

where i remind myself that it is not a race

but a journey to be savored.

stillness and moments of reflection,

free of resistance and rejection,

a place to learn and to be ,

effortlessly me.

welcome home.

love poems

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Denver, CO

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