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Cheers to another round

to play the fool twice

By justine taylorPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
artwork by kittenplaylist on tumblr

I can’t keep

chasing this high

when you won’t put aside your pride

and tell me how you really feel

I’ve been in love before

I know a piece of her memory

is stuck to your core

but make my emotions a chore,

and it’ll feel like the end of me

you’ll become the enemy

and i’ll have to even the score

i’ve played your fool one time too many

the weight of abandonments getting heavy,

ready to set it all down

and get grounded

anchor at my feet

but my souls unbounded,

you’ll never be satisfied

if you keep surrounded by yes men

and women you can’t invest in

the lonely sinner

with either woman

you’d have been a winner

but you refuse to choose

addicted to abusing

real love

lucky you

i moved passed those days

when even the suns rays

didn’t compare to the taste of your lips,

the feel of my hips in your grip

me drip —— nah i’m trippin

I know this is just the beginning

and for me and you

another end

i cant continue to walk around and pretend,

that I don’t care

so it’s only fair

another round of letting go

love poems

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justine taylor



Denver, CO

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