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Each moment is your home

By Cezarina TronePublished 2 years ago β€’ Updated 2 years ago β€’ 1 min read
Photo by Stephanie Harvey on Unsplash

You have arrived in this infinite now.

You are home. The world is waiting for you

right here, right now, right under your nose.

This breath of life is causing many dimensions

to appear and disappear in your mind, dear one.

The world is waiting to show you

its playground of your creation after all.

This moment is your home.

One conscious effort enthralled the Cosmic Light

to make you manifest as 'you' in your awareness of now.

And you are home indeed. The world is waiting for you.

Are you ready? Follow the simple pathway of your heart.

It feels and knows precisely where to take you next.

Scan endless possibilities. Each moment is your home.

Take a leap over the edge of the highest cliff of fear,

then relax and soar. Dreaming your wings,

facing the winds of change. Come home in every breath.

The world is waiting for you right here, right now,

Right under your nose. Dare to meet your Self

and simply fall in love. The rest is taken care of.


One of my magical gifts is to sing for those who are deeply seeking answers in this "now moment" and sometimes they need to hear a spontaneous healing song to unlock the hidden key inside that moment's potential. Here is One Song to listen to and enjoy. And if it tugs at your heart to hear more "songs of the now moment", you know where to find me: waiting here... in this infinite moment of now. Love, Cezarina


About the Creator

Cezarina Trone

Writing a new world into existence, bringing magic, ease & wholeness to others 'making them light up from the inside'. Apart from writing, I dedicate all my time facilitating sound therapy and quantum energy sessions: www.cezarinatrone.com

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