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Home (in a cell)

by Rory Patrick about a year ago in sad poetry
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Comfort where it doesn’t belong

Sad to say, I’m at home in my cell

What’s peaceful to me, for others is a hell

The mind plays games we dont understand that well

Silence echoes off the concrete and steel

Hard to believe at all, that life is real

I daydream and I sleep to heal my soul

I’ve lost count of the days in this hole

The anguish inside that I hold, no one will know

This nothingness is enough to make my ears bleed

I wonder if I’ll ever find what it is that I need

The gallows in my head,standing still, almost crumbling

The hangman glares a familiar stare, I believe he is me

Distortion’s been my M O since I was 17

I’m built for this life, that doesn’t mean it’s what I like

No matter how hard I try, no matter what, I can’t get things right

Wish I could float in the breeze through the day and live live in the night

It’s always me in the end I’m always guilty

If you could see my soul it’s soaking wet and oh, so filthy

As the gavel falls a spear of despair goes right through me

Don’t shoot me again, I’m handcuffed, and down on my knees

What’s justice you say? It’s all perspective, through the eyes of the beholder

If nothing else, this low down life has made me bolder

I crucify myself, the weight of my sins, upon my shoulders

Each day inside, another year that I grow older

Tragedy hit my chest like a cannon shot

In this world, you either make it or you do not

I tip toe through hell, don’t really care if I get caught

Everyone’s for sale, except for me, I cannot be bought

Reflections of lost dreams, in my mind, doors keep slamming

It’s all my fault that these things keep happening

There’s no more pain, I can’t feel life still stabbing

That’s the end of my thought, my heart remains but bleeding badly

This cold sad air it chills my bones

I don’t know if I’ll be found

I don’t care if I’ll be found

sad poetry

About the author

Rory Patrick

Writes poetry, songs, prose, essays. Depression, addiction and struggle being main influence.Musician, guitar, mandolin, ukulele and piano .History & literature lover(Emerson, Camus, Kafka) Leukemia survivor. Recovering heroin addict

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