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Home Free At Last

by Debra Debek 8 months ago in inspirational
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What home means to me.

Home Free At Last
Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

I would like to say home is a place where momma hums a soft tune

As she scurries about preparing meals made with love for her growing brood

These are the homes I have seen on TV but none resemble a home that was a home to me

When I think of home I begin to tremble as I remember the times we would all wait for the slamming of the door and soon the tidy room was all in shambles

Violence would erupt to fill the space like a dark fog that crept in to stifle the joy and leave only horror in its place

For years that fog crept through that door bringing only pain and suffering for what felt like a life destined for forever more

A child’s home that is filled with rage is never a place you would return to when becoming of age

Home was a place I dreamed one day to escape and find the comfort of safety in a far away place

I held to that dream with all my might

It was the visions of that dream that helped me survive many a horrifying night

Now as I sit and recall what home means to me

I look around my space and see just what a home should be

I went away to that far away place

Where there is no fear or violence not even the slightest trace

Home now has a special meaning to me

It’s a place where my dreams have come true and I am finally free!


About the author

Debra Debek

Writer enthusiast, poetry lover, using my voice to unravel a complicated life and a complicated mind of one human life sharing experiences of all human lives.

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