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Hearts Twist round

Whispers of the Heart

By Nagarathinam BPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

In the garden of life, where dreams bloom,

There dances a story that drives away the sadness.

whisper quietly in the wind,

A melody of the heart, with timeless lightness.

Love, oh love, a natural art,

souls bind, never leave.

With soft touch and gentle look,

A unit of pain sounds.

Like roses blooming under the sun,

Love opens out, its journey begins.

paint the sky with shades so bright,

Brightens even the darkest night.

Through deep well and high mountains,

The flame of love burns hard, it cannot go out.

In shared laughter and hug tears,

His presence was felt and was never replaced.

With every heartbeat of two twisted,

A holy, pure and friendly connection.

In the hold of love we find our home,

A heaven where hearts can walk.

So, let's value, let's worship,

The limitless love that we cannot ignore.

Because we find our worth in his grace,

A gold found on this earth.

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Nagarathinam B

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