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THE Bones

A Journey to Freedom

By Nagarathinam BPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Once upon a time, on the border of town, cover in green plant and turned rumors, waited a run down house. Its windows were broken eyes, its doors were rub mouths, and its walls talk secrets of days long past. This was the House of noise, the House of Shadows, the house where the skeletal spirit wander.

According to legend, a long-forgotten family lived within its walls. But now it was destroyed, a trace of a forgotten time. Only the bold take the risk to go towards, and even few persons dared to enter the ghost house.

On a cold autumn afternoon, a little boy named Vinay found himself in front of the different structure. interest danced in his eyes as he stared at the appear shadow. He had heard the stories, the whispers of the skeletal spirit that haunted its halls. But Vinay wasn't one to shy away from a challenge. With a mixture of fear and excitement going through his veins, Vinay pushed open the cracked door and stepped into the darkness within. The air was thick with dust, and every end echoed like a dark laugh.

As Vinay entered the wild rooms, his heart hit in his chest. Shadows danced in the corners, and strange whispers seemed to follow him wherever he went. But for all his fear, Vinay pressed on, decided to uncover the secrets hidden within the house. It wasn't long before Vinay's fearlessness was tested. In the dim light of a moonlit room, he saw it a figure appeared in darkness, its skeletal form clear. The skeletal spirit had found it.

Vinay watched, disable with fear, as the ghost appeared, its empty eyes fixed on him. But instead of the expected shiver of fear, Vinay felt a strange feeling through him. The ghost didn't seem warning, just interest.

With a voice like dancing leaves the spirit spoke to Vinay. She told him about her lonely life, trapped within the lock up of the abandoned house. And in that moment, Vinay felt a ache of pity for the ghostly creature.

Over the course of the night, Vinay and the ghost developed an unusual bond. They exchanged stories and laughed, and Vinay no longer felt alone in the darkness. But as dawn approached, the spirit's look became harsh.

“I can’t leave this place,” he confessed to Vinay. “But you, dear boy, can help me.”

Vinay listened in interest as the spirit tell his final request. Deep within the house was a hidden room, and in this room was the key to freedom of mind. It was a task only Vinay could handle.

With new decision, Vinay sets out to fulfil the spirit's request. Guided by the Spirit's skeletal presence, he walked through the twisting passageway of the house until he reached the hidden room.

There, hidden in the darkness, Vinay found the key: a small, dim thing that shinned in the dim light. With shaking hands, he took the key and turned it in the lock.

As the door opened, a blinding light filled the room and Vinay protect his eyes. When he opened them again, he was standing in front of the wild house and the morning sun was create its warm glow over the world.

At his side was the spirit, whose form was no longer skeletal and clear but solid and complete. With tears in her eyes, she thanked Vinay for his fearlessness and kindness.

And as Vinay watched, the ghost disappeared and his mind was finally at peace.

From that day on, the wild house was no longer presence in darkness and fear. Instead, it became a place of wonder and interest, a proof to the power of friendship and the courage of a little boy named Vinay.


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