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Hearts Entwined

A Dialogue of Eternal Love

By Dr. Jason BenskinPublished 28 days ago Updated 28 days ago 1 min read
Hearts Entwined
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In moonlit nights, I dream of you,

A love so pure, a bond so true.

Your eyes, a window to your soul,

With you, my heart is always whole.


In your embrace, my worries cease,

A gentle touch, a perfect peace.

Your laughter, like a melody,

Brings light and joy, eternally.


Our hearts entwined, a perfect dance,

A serendipitous romance.

With every kiss, my spirits rise,

In your love, I've found my prize.


Through storm and sun, we'll stand as one,

Our journey shared, a life begun.

Your love, my guide, my shining star,

With you, I've found who I truly are.


In whispered words and tender sighs,

A love that never fades or dies.

With you, forever, I will stay,

Together, we’ll find our own way.


In every dawn and twilight hue,

My heart beats with a love so true.

With you, I've found my perfect rhyme,

Our love, a tale that defies time.


In love’s embrace, we are complete,

Two souls as one, a rhythm sweet.

A journey vast, a boundless sea,

In you, my love, I find all of me.

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About the Creator

Dr. Jason Benskin

I am a dedicated writer whose work delves into the depths of human emotion and experience with a unique voice and an eye for detail.

My goal is to craft writing that resonate with readers on a profound level.

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Comments (6)

  • Shelby 3 days ago

    Wow! I wish I can write like you. I enjoyed reading it

  • Kennedy Smith6 days ago

    Fascinating piece

  • Milrose samboque14 days ago

    This is amazing. Goodluck

  • John Baxter14 days ago

    I enjoyed reading

  • angela hepworth25 days ago

    Amazing contribution to the challenge!

  • Patrick M. Ohana28 days ago

    Love; an eternal recurrence. Good luck in the challenge!

Dr. Jason BenskinWritten by Dr. Jason Benskin

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