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Selfless love can be amazing if it’s shared with your partner. Although if your partner is instead selfish, wether for a short time or for the duration of the relationship, then it can be extremely toxic. If the love is real, and both work to resolve what’s broken, then stormy night can lead to sunshiny days!

By Nicole PostonPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
“True Love” Illustrated by my husband, Joseph Poston (February 2022)

You call this love?

Real Love comes from something so far above...

Above yourself z and how you feel,

A need so strong your pain isn't even real.

A craving to be everything they need;

So much that yourself is no longer in the lead.

The inspiration for your day is how you can make theirs right.

Pleasing them is all you think about day and night.

Pushing aside all that matters to you,

Cause they are number one even when your whole life has come unglued.

But they say love never fails.

But truly it's your ship that never sails.

No matter how windy the seas may be,

You are never valued enough to get the blast of air you need.

Stuck. Tied to the dock.

Ropes dropped along your sides and held down by heavy rocks.

Stale, dry air;

Getting going again is too much to bare.

You've given your all to everyone,

there is nothing left, you’re just done.

Completely spent and ready to give up life

So much you have given and sacrificed.

You can't ask for help cause you don't know how;

You cry so much that you feel as though you drowned.

Your next thought “is you have hope”

“Maybe he will come through and help you cope;”

But instead, he chooses dope…

Unfortunately, he can't see it has him on a rope.

You slip, and down you fall,

Screaming his name, he ignores your call.

Rock bottom. Again.

He was supposed to be your lover and best friend.

But in the end….

The drugs always win.

By Nicole Poston

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Nicole Poston

Hello! I’m from North Carolina and writing is a passion and life long dream of mine. I write many different genres and styles. Please like, comment and share. It helps give me the confidence to share. Oh and please subscribe!!

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    Drugs are so scary. I loved your poem. Also, your husband's art is stunning!

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