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Heart Break


By Lightbringer Published 3 months ago 1 min read

In darkness cast by love's very own fading light,

A story unravels of a wholehearted battle.

2 hearts linked as soon as dance totally free,

Currently separating means a sentimental mandate.

Murmers of despair in the silent air,

Reverberates of love that when existed.

Assures wrecked like glass on the flooring,

A collection of memories forever.

The sundowns we repainted with colors so intense,

Currently ingested by the unlimited evening.

A harmony of distress a sorrowful tune,

Love's pleasant tune transformed uncomfortably incorrect.

Destroyed web pages of a once-shared tale,

Discolored ink, the traces of previous splendor.

Yet in the pieces durability discovered,

New starts climbing from the ground.

Via the splits that drop like mild rain,

A phoenix az arises devoid of the discomfort.

The canvas of life space as well as vast,

An opportunity for recovery with time as the overview.

Separations might injury however stamina is birthed,

In the quietness of a heart that's torn.

For in every finishing a seed is grown,

A possibility to expand to stand alone.

So, allow the knowledgeable of love unravel,

A tapestry woven in silver and also gold.

For from the ashes a spirit brand-new,

Increases with hope as well as skies so blue.

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  • Creative Chronicles2 months ago

    wow interesting lines

  • This was so beautifully written! Loved your fantastic poem!

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