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The Promising Future Of A Spinster


By Lightbringer Published 3 months ago 1 min read

It's frightening.

I really feel much better

however I'm yearning for a kiss.

One easy kiss

or possibly

not so straightforward.

I simply desire a person

to hold me when

the evenings are vacant.

Or possibly when I am

Away, somebody

to call me

when I'm blue.

I really feel more secure wo a person

I'm totally free to stick around, to laugh

To tease

However self-confidence factors

have actually gotten to to the

downsides given that my last

grievous partner.

I take a seat occasionally and also assume:

That the heck am I upset at?

Am I upset at the globe?

Am I upset at you?

I'm not exactly sure.

All I recognize is that the

a lot more a person likes me

the extra I despise them.

The even more a person declines me

That's when I desire them about.

I think I was doomed to lead

a boring old maiden life

Or possibly calm down

with some abundant jerk

that does not desire me.

In any case I will not obtain extremely

numerous kisses or a phone

call when I'm much

away coupled with


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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    This was so emotional! Loved your poem!

  • Anthony Chan3 months ago

    Loved the beautiful flow of this work!

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