He Thinks of Me

Gravitating into ex-lover's daydreams

He Thinks of Me

The day blurs in front of me and I see him, sitting there silently missing me. Concealing his desire from everyone who passes by.

I can feel him pulling me into a fantasy.

I wouldn't dare run from his thoughts.

He is in his space, thinking of me, sundressed with flowers in my hair dancing in his head.

His wish is my own, I settle and let him feel me missing him.

His enchanting smile captures my instincts and I fall into his arms.

Standing there in perfect form, he has me where he can keep me, hold me, love me and save me.

He's been interrupted, I can feel he has let me go from his daydream. He will have to save that moment for later.

I can feel him hiding every time he remembers something I loved about him.

He is alone again and invites me to sit by him, I can feel him thinking of me.

I feel his energy like a pendulum over me, I am alone now can you lie next to me?

I slip into a fantasy of my own.

Surely you will call on me soon, surely I will fall into you.

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