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A personal history

By Gustavo SanchezPublished 2 months ago 1 min read


He began caressing my hair and whispering all kinds of things in my ear but with a delicacy that no one had shown before, he made every hair on my body stand up.

He kissed my lips and as he passed his hands over my hips he intensified that contact between our bodies... when I felt his erection rubbing against my crotch I moaned, and I knew that this would be the best night of my life. He stripped me of my clothes and his, nibbled on my shoulders and went down to pay more attention to my breasts. That night I felt as loved as never before, I felt that everything was fine and that only we mattered... He took over my body and made me his... He entered me and waited a few seconds for my body to adapt. him...

I looked down at where our bodies were connected and his thrusts became stronger and stronger. I felt like that was where I belonged, that place where only the sound of our bodies could be heard, like this, sweaty, with our accelerated breaths echoing in the room... panting...

It was a dream night, and I loved it

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About the Creator

Gustavo Sanchez

Passionate about history and the LGBTI+ community. Sharing untold stories, challenging narratives. Join me in celebrating diversity in our historical journey! 🏳️‍🌈📚 #History #LGBTI+ #Inclusion

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  • Test2 months ago

    A wonderful poem.

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