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Have You Noticed

A Poem

By Elise Published 3 years ago 1 min read

Though my heart still belongs to you

I no longer want it to be this way

neither do you

but you never did

and only now I notice.

Wrongfully we are tied to each other

connected by heart and soul

you avoid the opportunities of falling in love

and my affections for you begin to slip away

have you noticed?

Only now do I see

there is no depth in the way you feel

your lust-filled heart only wishes for lust-fulfilling nights

a wish I will no longer grant to you

and now you notice.

But I must separate our realities

you're no good for me

I cannot hesitate any longer

I need to move on

before you notice.

I'm setting us both free from the doomed connection

which we tangled ourselves in

no longer can we hurt each other

but I truly loved you

if you ever noticed.


About the Creator


I love writing & reading poetry & fiction.

Grateful for those who read and support me.

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