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Harmony of Hearts

A poem

By MellyganPublished 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago 1 min read

In the realm where hearts entwine, 

Love's tapestry, a tale divine, 

Passion's fire, a blazing sun, 

Two souls aflame, yet two made one.

In whispered nights and tender sighs, 

Love's gentle dance beneath moonlit skies, 

A symphony of laughter, joy, and tears, 

Love's melodies, through passing years.

But love, a tempest fierce and wild,

 Can birth both joy and sorrows mild, 

For hearts that beat in perfect tune, 

May falter 'neath a fickle moon.

In the depths of love, there lies a fear, 

A heart once whole, now bound in tears, 

For love, a double-edged sword, we find, 

Can heal a soul or leave it blind.

Yet in the ruins of a love gone wrong, 

A phoenix rises, brave and strong, 

From heartbreak's ashes, lessons rise, 

Love's resilience, a sweet surprise.

Familial bonds, both deep and true, 

A love that's tested, tried, and grew, 

Through trials, triumphs, laughter, tears, 

A love enduring, through the years.

Platonic ties, a friendship's grace, 

A bond that time cannot erase,

 In laughter shared and secrets kept, 

Love's purest form, in friendship slept.

So let us cherish love in all its forms, 

Embrace its calm, its raging storms, 

For in the complexities of heart and soul, 

Love finds its way, makes broken, whole.

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  • Bradley K.4 months ago

    Very beutiful

  • Yes, love comes in so many forms! This was such a wonderful poem!

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