by Emily Valdez 2 years ago in sad poetry

Not as Happy as it Sounds


Why does being happy seem so impossible?

How does everyone have the same goal and strive for something that always proves to be a struggle?

How did people get there?

What brought them there and how can you stay?

What am I missing?

What am I lacking?

What am I missing?

When did it suddenly become so hard to feel a basic emotion?

It must be me.

I can't remember what pure joy feels like.

When did it leave?

How does it return?

Isn't there enough room for everyone to feel the same thing?

Why is it so hard?

It feels like I can't feel.

And if I can, it doesn't stay long.

I just want to tell the people who say they care that I'm happy.

Happiness. Such a basic thing.

I want to know how many people are truly happy.

And how they got there because I’m lost.

I’m so lost and it’s beginning to take a toll.

I’m stuck in a darkness.

Why can’t I be found?

Why can’t I just be happy? Truly and undeniably happy for once?

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Emily Valdez

Some of my posts are from when I was full of teen angst. I wrote mostly through the roller coaster of a relationship like all teens have at one point. Some other stuff is newer and less dark. Hope you give it all a chance. Happy reading.

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