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Had only just begun

a sonnet

By Emma DatsonPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Had only just begun
Photo by Micah Giszack on Unsplash

Strawberry full moon, is rising above,

Whilst Capricorn is blue, dreaming below,

Along the river she goes, seeking love.

Even though, she is already aglow.


She is her own light, ineffably bright,

Floating along, dreaming up words for him,

On this tropical, post yule winter night,

These words come bubbling up, from deep within.


He is never far from her thoughts these days,

Winter was when he was born, all too soon,

Unprepared she was, he set her ablaze,

Her love launched outward, from her lonely womb.


He was not to live a week, her dear son,

Her love for him, had only just begun.

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About the Creator

Emma Datson

I am 40ish, medically interesting, Australian poet, who is finally using her voice. My superpower is my vocabulary. Dive in and read an eclectic mix of poetry and creative non-fiction, full of love, grief and hope. Light, love

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