Guardian Angel

The Naivete of Young Love

Guardian Angel

Walking down the hall,

feeling so down.

Talking to my best friend,

wondering why he left me.

She says 'Go away',

I turn around...

Golden halo,

gorgeous hazel eyes,

scorned by her,

he turns to me,


I surrender.

He makes me laugh,

knows when something's wrong.

He understands

like no one has before.

He's there for me,

but can it really be


That we were meant to be?

He's so perfect in every way

I feel so inadequate.

I wish he could see

this side of me.

He's the reason I'm here,

to be with him

as long as he'll have me.

I don't deserve him,

I feel like a thief,

taking what can't possibly be mine.

Walking down the hall...

Golden halo...

Gorgeous hazel eyes...

My Guardian Angel.

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Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith
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