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Keep. Pushing. Forward

By Edens FleurizardPublished 6 years ago 2 min read
This photo was taken from a New York Times Online Article.

There's so many things to do in this world, and yet it seems everyone wants the same thing

And in an age of competition, everyone is grabbing what they see

Anything they feel they can get their hands on to be successful.

So now it's a competition, a full out dog fight

To gain respect and mark territory, we can learn a thing or two about how

dogs fight

You can't expect to get what you want just because you want it bad and if you don't get it you'll be sad and go on a rant on how you let your family down and how they'll be mad.

No, that's now how it works.

You need to want it so bad that every moment without it hurts

Every breath spent not accomplishing your goal, was one lacking worth.

You need to struggle for it, whatever it may be because everything is sweeter when it is earned

Especially when you reflect on what you did wrong and how you fixed it and everything that you've learned.

You need to see that it is not a game and you'll realize that when you notice you're friends with four other people that want the same thing.

Those four other people know four other people who know four other people you know.

Now that's not to scare you but to show you that if you're really passionate about something you need to be full steam ahead and just go

You need to sit through embarrassment and listen to one thousand and one rants

You need to go out on a limb and not worry about breaking a branch

Because this tree that you're on top of is one that you've climbed

So even when you're at a halt why stop now, everything else would have been a waste of time

You need to be able to endure through pain,

Go without sleep, sacrifice weekends, and...

Spare time with friends.

All negativity should bounce off and be used as fuel. All irrelevant things should be deflected

Because to try and to fail is okay but to not try at all is not accepted.

Never get too low when things are bad but not too high when things are as good as they get

The important thing is to try because the only thing worse than death is a coffin full of regrets.


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    Edens FleurizardWritten by Edens Fleurizard

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