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By MorbidlyCuteAriel LynnPublished 6 years ago 1 min read
Darkness Prevails


I can feel it slipping

My grip is loosening

I can’t hold on much longer

I can see reality fading

As the nightmares consume

The fire is spreading

The cavity is breaking

The heart is collapsing

My breaths are shallow

My demons are hollow

There’s no hope

No chance for saving

Not a single light

In my darkest night

Watch as I fall apart

Demons claw at

A stone cold heart

What more can be done

When evil has had its fun

I wish I could find the will

The power to fight

I've lost my sanity

Time has left my side

I take last breaths

As I close my eyes

My world is fading

All that's left

is a stricken face

that's known nothing but disgrace.

sad poetry

About the Creator

MorbidlyCuteAriel Lynn

Hey guys, my names Ariel. I'm an aspiring author! Writing is my passion, I hope to someday change the world with my words.

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