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Grey Hair

A poem for Jon

By Bri CraigPublished 2 months ago • 1 min read
Grey Hair
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When you put your palm on my knee, I see a new line on your hand

Like the one on your face, or the grey that will hide in your hair.

But I'll tell you: what is old is new.


One day we wake up the same age as my mom and dad were - back when they had a dog, two kids, and a home.

The next day I hope to be the age of my Mimi.

I want you to be too.

With air in your left lung. A beat next to your ribs. A song that your body will hum with each day that we go on.

To be this: not dead.

Our life can defy time for one more song.

So I will tuck the grey hair by your ear and hold the age in your hand. I wish to stay like this. Day by day, in love even now.

And I'll tell you: what is old is new.

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Bri Craig

Bri Craig (she/her) is a variety pack writer. She enjoys writing poetry, webcomic features, humor, short stories, and personal anecdotes. Basically, neither of us will ever know what will be posted next!

Let's connect! More about me here.

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  • World Writer2 months ago

    I love this! Great work!

  • This is really beautiful and profound. Love it đŸ’™Anneliese

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