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Greener on the Other Side


Greener on the Other Side

The grass is greener on the other side

If we live to multiply there wouldnt be a reason to die

True gangsters dont run and hide

And let shit slide

Anger and rage is a whole other page

People can hide whats in their brains

It will only make them insane

Because theyre letting shit get to them

Only because they cant believe within

Greed is the devils deed he doesnt want none of us

To succeed

Live in fear of death

Whats left of life

Were promised life and death

Death comes on a short notice

Stay focus

Because the enemy is near

Times are changing

This shit aint evolution

Its pollution in the air thats making us disappear

Now its clear that the son of man is here

Antichrist lies in front of our eyes dont be blinded

Baby booms! Females dont make babies alone

Why all dead beat daddies want to be a part of their life when they are all grown

The government already trying to make clones

But question are they made of human bones

The average human lives up to 80

With so many niggas living in poverty

Diseases are taking over this population

Its a miscommunication made by a president

We residents of the most hated nation

Nation against nations

Kingdoms against kingdoms

Think about it we dying

Whats the point of surviving when there is no point in trying

Life is a game of chess

Check who you living with

Sleeping next to the enemy

Got you thinking

Dont sleep on shit cant trust no one

Deceit is cheap

Truth is weak

And a lie is a disguise

But a wise man listens to advice

Now if advice got you thinking twice how good was it

Everything connects like the sun and the moon

Full moons make the wolves go hungry

Humans are like animals compare and contrast learned that in school doing whatever it takes to be cool

But whos the fucking fool?

- Zulma Bermudez

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Zulma Bermudez
Zulma Bermudez
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