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Green Salad

by Farmer Nick 2 months ago in love poems

It ain't easy being green

You really overdid it on the green salad

You made far too much

(An egregious amount to be exact)

I don’t think anyone noticed

But I did

So I convince you to take it home

Because I care about food waste

You wore a green top

The same shade as the salad

I like that

Your style is effortlessly organic but

Kale is heavier than you think

So I grab your bag and proceed to checkout

Because I am kind

The train is always so unreliable at this time of night

But I don’t mind

In fact I hope it is 40 minutes late

Or even delayed until tomorrow

So I can revel in our subway soirée

The light shines green as I grip your hand

Because I am present

I must insist on walking you home

Haven’t you heard?

The Vegan Vagabond of the West Village

Prowls for plant-based prey

Not on my watch, for I swore an oath

To defend you and your green coat until my last breath

Because I am chivalrous

We arrive at your dark green door

And suddenly the small talk has gotten bigger

I’m woefully unprepared, but you are surgical

Did you make extra on purpose?

The salad remains quiet on the floor

Because it doesn’t matter

I can’t look at you

Your green eyes are too sharp

And your knife skills are impeccable

I’m bleeding out on your cutting board

But neither of us seem to mind

Because we taste so good together

And as you bring me to a boil

I wonder how this raw

Emotion I’ve swept under the rug

Found its way over the moon

And onto your green plate

Because I am the fool

You’ve had your fill

And I’ve got a train to catch

The subway better not be late

My stomach whispers in my ear

I should have had more of the green salad

Because I’m still hungry

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Farmer Nick
Farmer Nick
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