Gratitude for My Child

Heart of Thanksgiving

Gratitude for My Child

She's my little angel

sent from above;

my precious little

bundle of love...

but when I looked at her hands and feet

and realized just how much she needed me

responsibility gripped me with fear!

I loved her her still

But the enemy snuck in

with what's classified as


(it's not something faked

or imagined by woman to

receive attention

No, It was real!

A sense of despair

was all I could feel.)

But isn't it funny

now I miss those ten little fingers and ten little toes

cause they don't cling to me as much anymo'.

Now I miss those ten little fingers and ten little toes,

because oh! how those fingers and toes have grown.

My precious little child is now taller than me,

God has blessed her intelligent little mind with great big ideas.

...And isn't it funny...

what the enemy may use to destroy you,

God uses to build your character?

For where there was depression

God's restored my joy and laughter.

Thank God for my child!

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