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Grains of Sand

by Ingrid Hoyos about a month ago in social commentary · updated about a month ago
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When we were one

Grains of Sand
Photo by John Doyle on Unsplash

I was a grain of sand that no one could see

One amongst millions

I was 100 percent pure quartz crystal but that didn’t matter

The world is saturated

That’s just how it’s supposed to be

I used to soak in the sun anyways

With terrible headaches

Until I discovered the shadow

And now I’m just a secret observer

Of all the pieces thrown into disarray

Warm, powdery, soft pieces

I don’t know any of their names

But their eyes are the saddest I’ve ever seen

And now I understand

We are all grains of sand

Cut from a forgotten ancient rock

Thousands of miles away from here

Someplace was our home

Someplace long ago when we were one

But now we’re broken in pieces

Warm, powdery, soft pieces that can never stick back

Scattered along the scorching coast

Too many to ever count

Too many to ever know

Unable to reconnect our rough nostalgic edges

Learning to live on our own

In this new place we call home

The world is complicated

That’s just how it’s supposed to be

But now I understand

We are all grains of sand

social commentary

About the author

Ingrid Hoyos

Former journalist. Freelance writer. Perpetually curious. Painfully creative. Poetry is my outlet. Slowly chipping away my walls.

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