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By Elsa Michaela | @surfthoughtPublished 5 months ago 1 min read

Sometimes I feel like a ghost

Haunting the sea

Against my will

Catching the light

As white as the wings of a tern against the clouded sky

Or the dazzling sea foam

Electric in the wake of the storm

Did you know that ghosts cry (?)

Each time

The living pass them by

Just as we shiver inside

When out of the corner of an eye

We catch something;

a shifting in the light

You know, a friendly ghost

Sings me to sleep

Meets me often in shadows and in dreams


And I find myself haunting this beach


As passing ships

Fearful of wasting another day

Does someone real stand in my way?

I don’t look for stories

Or click for trace

Of someone who might have my place.

I float disarmed,

Untouched by rain

Ahh but to love is to risk, to live, to lose, to win, to gain.

To love is brave

love poems

About the Creator

Elsa Michaela | @surfthought

When you hear a song

One that stops you in your tracks

That seems spoken from your own mind

Do you listen and listen again?

Follow its streams until a tide,

Inside you

Rushes to fill in the small hollow parts

…Yeah, me too

INSTA - @surfthought

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