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The Girl who Walk on Rope

Bravery Bigger than Age

By Sanamdeep SinghPublished about a month ago 1 min read

Through wind and rain, she bravely treads
A tightrope stretched above their heads
Each step brings her closer to her goal
A loaf of bread to warm her soul

Her tiny feet so sure and strong
Balancing right and left along
The rope that leads her to her prize
Beneath the dark and stormy skies

No fear nor doubt within her heart
She plays her part, a work of art
For every step she takes with grace
A smile of hope upon her face

She knows the risks, the danger near
But hunger's cry she cannot bear
So with each step, she takes a chance
To earn her bread, to feel advance

Oh little girl, so brave and bold
Your story to be bravely told
A tightrope walker in the sky
But always reaching towards the pie

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    SSWritten by Sanamdeep Singh

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