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Geodesic woes

why pay the rent?

By Lindsey DonatPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Geodesic woes
Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

A rounded top

Prismatic light

A wilting pumpkin

Winter in sight

Windows low

With broken hinges

Sun is meek

Here in New England.

Tendrils tickling oily glass

Fingerprints of summer passed

Faded leaves with crunch

No longer plump

Which my flesh will do

For the next 6 months

As I strain to work

My body hunched

Over a vessel of blue light

Screens large, medium, small

I think of my garden

And compost stalls.

Canines wear their coats

And burrow under plush

Rodents follow suit

In the rafters they rush.

An unfinished floor

With stripping paint



Once foe now mate.

And Venus, she traps

But blackens from chemicals

The filter is faulted

Our water left caustic.

I dust and shine

To no avail

The woods reclaim

This domed jail.

nature poetry

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Lindsey Donat

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