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gems of life

like the wildflower, be the blossom of the meadow

By Azreen MahmoodPublished 4 years ago 2 min read
gems of life
Photo by Olga O on Unsplash

I found my joys not in elation, but veiled under the darkness where gems reside and thus…

since ancient reveries, dawned the morning glory

onto the spire of lonesome hearth,

and my fable, with each breath

blossoms new

on pyres of my incomplete story.

all these nights I wake on my fire, heartily doomed

beneath the night sky of the shining fleets

weathered clouds pass me by,

as the light rises high

they come,

and sweep me away in the pleasured moment – my subtle heart beats.

and the beauty of your peace intoxicates my gloom

sadness, in the shade of the sun

rewinds my rusty reels

of the memories’ ocean, and I heal.

the colours of your rhythm

sews the tune into nostalgic remembrance, and I come undone.

ghosts of your songs soothe, wrapping around me the arms of a companion

across the evening whiff,

I wore my crown

and found my freedom in this ghost-town.

veiled clarity washes away in fine, fine dust as

I become my own, my life but a lucid glyph.

touched open and made human; the saddest story cradles sought gem

smeared face pressed against the windowpane,

tears drizzle forming the bold rain

as you come over me, wash me down your moody glimpse in reign

I am calm. the thunder numbs the pain among all

worries, just for a while, have all been slain

rain it is, cold its touch, who softly sings, ‘live another day’

remember lover,

words give way, to an ever-growing passion

our minds entwine, thoughts override. we know our ways – cinematic, old fashioned.

and my happy hours, they’re with you.

my hopes, your dreams, they’re alive and we discover

prophecies meant to be, recite the faith of forever dreams

and I do dare – my eternal plea, sing with me of…

the littlest joys in life, my dear

of the moments,

where ashore the sailor hopes to see his beloved

where emotions flow free

and surrender to the ecstasy.

breathe today, live tonight and death shall be surpassed.

blot of ink on a paper parched,

swivelled within hands of a poet

smears deep longings; the token.

peace lies awake, looking at you

it makes my heart lurch

sweet, bitter symphony as the poet smiles

and I do dare – my eternal plea, dance to my song…

it slips away between the cracks, their melody

somewhere beautiful where she wakes up to a kiss,

held by the cup of brew, slow bliss

honeydews they ooze sweet the next morning’s sun –

I can but reminisce:

The golden hour of day, warm rays on me.

A stranger’s smile,

The ‘huff’ of routine done an eternity fore,

Flying on the mellow swing my boy’s glee

Voice of music rests me a while,

And hush, hush, hush

Someday, will fortune bring the calm.


About the Creator

Azreen Mahmood

i write

to make sense of what's wrong around me

to let my emotions find a place

to say there's another perspective, always

if you like what i have to say a small tip would be much appreciated,

thank you for taking the time and interest <3

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