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Grand Harbor Of Spiritual Territory

By K. Wisendanger Published 2 months ago 1 min read
Photo by John Koliogiannis on Unsplash

I have become a ghost. Awaiting the day I re-incarnate, but I would need a body to become my host. I remember the good times…cheers—to those I toast. And then…there were the bad times. I know there was a reason for them both. To the bad times I have experienced I hold a grudge. I see a closed door; its crevices are streaming with light, I twist the knob but it won’t budge.

By Oliver Roos on Unsplash

I gradually move onto the crossroads, but before I cross I visit the cemetery. I see my name etched on gravestone in writing that is debossed. An epitaph is merely an autograph. It is a signature that marks a person’s history within life’s library of literature.

By Robin Schreiner on Unsplash

To D.I.E. just means to go Deeper Into Existence. I now understand why when I tried to open that door gleaming with light there was resistance. There was something in my previous life I did not complete. These tasks will continue to hold me back from moving on, until they are marked complete. Life can restart. Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

By Daniel Jensen on Unsplash

I am resting at the docks, awaiting my ghost ship to transport my soul to the Grand Harbor Of Spiritual Territory. I hold no more grudges. Once again I tug on the door streaming with light. At last! It finally budges. I shall return only if there is a justifiable purpose. If there is, I will be born again. If there is a next time, I will be born to win! I just hope that if I am born again, I will not be born of the same kin. I never felt how it feels to be profitable; I only experienced pain and poverty. Now, I can move to a better place. My soul is granted sovereignty. Transported into the heavens; I am no one but god’s property. Dido…

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