Future Fire

by Arely Varela 2 years ago in love poems

For My Little Hero

Future Fire

I hope you fall in love

One day.

But mostly, I hope someone

Falls in love with you one day,

And I hope they understand

Every single little detail

About you.

I hope they take their time

To learn how to love you

To learn about your dreams

And how they come true,

To study you.

I hope they memorize

Your facial expressions

Like I did.

I hope they understand

How broken you are,

And why you burst in flames

Sometimes, out of nowhere.

I hope they memorize the way

Your hair curls, and how it falls

Down your back like your emotions.

I hope they understand

That you're special.

I hope they see the fire in you

That I saw since the day I met you.

I hope you hurt,

And get hurt.

I hope you cry until your head hurts

And I hope you learn

To cry in the mirror.

To understand your own pain one day.

I hope you, more than anyone

You ever meet,

learn to appreciate

Your flames and your rain.

I hope you make love one day

And you see the universe

In someone's eyes.

I hope the stars burn

a bridge from your belly to the moon.

I hope you find home

In the arms of a stranger.

And sugar in the lips of a lover

I hope you find your passion one day,

And you begin a weird collection.

I hope you own your body again,

And you do something crazy,

Crazy enough to spark a smirk

In your lips years later.

Promise me you'll love yourself again,

And you'll love yourself more than ever,

Promise me you won't be afraid.

Live, with every bruise in your

Soul and body.

Promise me you will live,

Let your fire burn everything around you,

And love life until all the pain bursts in flames.

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