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Funny Dog and Chew Toy

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By SANJAI Published about a year ago 1 min read
Fun With Fred

There once was a dog named Fred,

Who loved to play with his chew toy bed,

He'd toss it up and catch it with glee,

And chew on it until it was debris.

But one day, something strange occurred,

As Fred was playing, he suddenly blurred,

He spun around and barked with surprise,

For his chew toy bed had grown two big eyes.

The eyes blinked back and stared at Fred,

And then the bed started to talk instead,

It said, "Hey there pup, how do you do?

I've been waiting for a friend like you!"

Fred was amazed and quite confused,

He didn't know if he should be amused,

But then the bed started to dance and sing,

And Fred decided to join in the swing.

From that day on, they were quite a pair,

Fred and his chew toy bed, a wacky affair,

They'd dance and sing, and have a ball,

And even play fetch down the hall.

So if you ever see a dog with a talking bed,

Don't be afraid, just nod your head,

For it's Fred and his best friend,

Living happily and silly until the end.

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