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Thirsty Souls

A Quest for Water

By SANJAI Published 2 months ago 1 min read
Use Water Wisely

The sun beats down with scorching rays

And parched lips cry out for water's grace

A thirst that burns both night and day

A craving for coolness in every way

The throat is dry, the tongue is rough

The body yearns for liquid stuff

And every step is a heavy chore

As the thirst grows more and more

The search begins for water's source

A precious liquid, nature's force

And when at last the thirst is quenched

The joy and relief is never drenched

For thirst is more than just a need

It's a yearning that we all must heed

And when we finally find our fill

Our souls are nourished and hearts are still

So let us cherish every drop

Of water that we drink and mop

For when the thirst consumes our soul

It's the water that can make us whole.

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