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Frozen fire

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By steven harrisonPublished 12 months ago 1 min read
Frozen fire
Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Frozen Fire

The snow is white and pure, a canvas for my eyes

A frozen fire burning bright, a sight that mesmerizes

The trees stand bare and cold, like sentinels of the night

The wind whispers lullabies, a song of winter's might

I hear the crunching of the ice, like glass that shatters dreams

A sound that echoes through the woods, like whispers in the streams

I feel a warmth in my heart, a flame that never dies

A glow upon my face, a spark that lights up the skies

I feel the love in my soul, a force that moves my feet

A joy that fills my being, a thrill that can't be beat

But I don't speak or smile, lost in this winter's grace

Enraptured by the beauty, enchanted by its pace

Then suddenly a burst of red, a scream that pierces air

The snow turns into blood, a scene that's hard to bear

But after a moment it stops, and silence fills the space

I look down and see a rose, a gift of hope and grace

It blooms amid the snow, a symbol of life's force

A promise of spring to come, a harbinger of a new course

And so I stand in wonder, awed by nature's might

A witness to its magic, a part of its delight.

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