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From the First

by Brynne Nelson 7 months ago in love poems
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A Poem

“Oh, you’re so purple!”

My first words to you

After months—

An eternity—

Of choosing the right thing to say,

Words that popped out without warning.

Love, from the first.

They placed you on my chest

Manhandled me a little

I didn’t care, hardly noticed

You were here.

You were real.

Daddy cried happy tears.

Joy, from the first.

You didn’t cry

(Though of course,

You would eventually.)

Scared, conscientious doctors,

Worrying me,

Worrying themselves over nothing.

Protected, from the first.

The purple faded,

Gave way to creamy

And oh, so soft.

Your cherubic cheeks

Your flame of hair,

Though it was little more than wisps.

Beautiful, from the first.

And in all these things,

You were yourself.











From the first.

love poems

About the author

Brynne Nelson

I'm a writer. I'm a wife and a mom. I'm a human.

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