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Friendship and Memories

Friendship and Memories

By JAY PATELPublished 7 months ago 1 min read

We walk these echoing halls once more,

We light these crumbling rooms once more.

The cheers fade, old friends move away,

The memory lingers though they're gone.

No songs resound, no revelry sounds,

The voices down the years fall still.

The hourglass caught midstream,

The dance now lost in dusty dream.

I hold close those distant lives,

Their notes like strains that survive.

The crow calls throughout the day

Through windows lit by dying rays.

The pages filled with lofty plans,

Scrawled relics of strong hands.

The robes of ambitions lie,

Hopes now wandering away.

Too much remains unfinished, undone,

The symphony ends with final bar none.

They called them "timeless" for grace they gave

This crumbling hall is all that's left to save.

The proud spires still reach the sky

Though none now climb up on high.

No hymns arise, the bells don't chime,

The march of life has reached life's prime.

These crumbling halls my treasures be,

Shelves filled with lives strangely.

The dusty air rings with what could've been

A song of joy now dying dim.

We walk once more these storied paths,

We light these abandoned rooms once more.

The music swells, new friends we greet,

The memory lingers till we meet.


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