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Friends Forever

Sometimes people break up for the better.

By K. Wisendanger Published about a month ago 1 min read
Friends Forever
Photo by Taylor Smith on Unsplash

We will be friends…forever!

We have shared experiences which consist of both pain and pleasure.

We have had many times of endless laughter as if we were endlessly ticked with a feather.

The future is unpainted. But, if the future sculpts us to become more than friends, then I am ready for whatever.

Maybe one day, I am destined to be your king, as if your name as Coretta.

I will never cut you off because our partnership is incapable of being severed.

I admire the fact that your presence in this day and time is mere proof of your endurance of life’s pressure.

You are a survivor as well as a warrior; i cannot fathom any words that would describe your character better.

I am going to keep this poem short and not make it lengthy as if it were a lecture.

In your mind you may question “how much do I really love you?”

My love cannot be measured.

But what I can say is my love for you is eternal and never anything lesser.

Even if our partnership does not result in anything more, our bond is something I will always treasure.

Sometimes people just break up for the better.

If you ever wonder “Will we ever fall out?”

Just know the answer to that question is NEVER!


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K. Wisendanger

A literary architect who builds worlds with words.

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